Water softener

  Water Softener Benefits

  • Prevents lime scale build up breaking expensive electrical appliances
  • Protects from rashes or itching from clothes with all the soapy deposits now removed
  • No more drizzling shower heads- instead… a proper spray!
  • Prevents leaking or dripping taps
  • No more expensive damage to your plumbing elements and electrical appliances
  • Health improvement and an incredible difference you will notice in your hair and skin!
  • Removes spots or residue on your shower walls!
  • Cleaner, fluffier, fresher clothes
  • Removes spots on your dishes and glassware
  • A water softener has been proven to reduce and eliminate lime scale build up
  • You can prevent lime scale by removing the ‘hardness’ of your water before entering your plumbing.
  • Pipes do not build lime scale anymore which means less plumbing problems



How Water Softeners Work

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