1. It is your responsibility as the client to check product/s before collection at our warehouse, as we do not accept any returns and will not issue any refunds on goods wrongly ordered.
  2. Membranes and filters carry NO GUARANTEE.
  3. All electrical items for Industrial equipment carry a 6 months guarantee.
  4. A valid invoice must be provided on claiming guarantees, within the valid guarantee period.
  5. We do not offer a 7day refund/replacement period, as we are wholesalers.
  6. Puritech will not be held responsible for any faults resulting from the client’s own installation, your product guarantee becomes void if the product is installed incorrectly.
  7. Dispensers must be transported upright and instructions provided with the invoice. Please ask for one from our office if you do not receive this.
  8. On any product faults, the customer is required to issue Puritech with a valid invoice within the guarantee period and book the product in for repairs The repair period on any product is between 3-7 days.
  9. All payments must be made upfront and in full settlement, money to reflect in Puritech’s bank account prior to product collection.
  10. Puritech will not be held responsible for any damage to products in transit by courier.
  11. Pumps are not guaranteed due to water quality.
  12. We do not cover courier costs for any faulty products needed to be brought back.
  13. All clients are required to sign a satisfactory sheet after all technical services, failure will by default, deem the client has been satisfied by the service provided.
  14. There is a call-out fee to be charged every time we have to go out to the client, even if the product is new.
  15. The call-out fee in Johannesburg and Pretoria is R850 ex vat, outside Johannesburg and Pretoria the fuel rate must be calculated as kilometers x round trip x rate per a km) + call out fee R850 ex vat.
  16. Note even if the client brings a new machine in, an invoice number is still required, and if the unit was tampered with, a service fee of R550 ex vat is applicable, as also in the case where items are out of guarantee
  17. We do not offer technical assistance on our own installations, kindly contact the office for costs.
  18. In the event of the customer supplying us video footage, pictures, or info regarding a faulty product and the
    technician fails to diagnose what the faulty part is, Puritech will inform the client and the technician will come out to the site to assess and diagnose the fault after paying the standard call-out & travel fees.
    However, if found that there is a new part to be replaced, any further travel costs involved will be met by the client.
  19. Puritech will not be responsible for courier costs involving the return of faulty parts taken from clients as samples for correct part identification/part purchase purposes.

NB *Puritech only covers a warranty of products and not courier fees involved in getting the product to its warehouse and back to the client.

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